Friday, 12 April 2013

Whats in my Inglot Palette (so far!)

My Inglot palette is actually a blush palette! It's supposed to hold 4 of their blushers but the girl working in the shop kindly told me that 2 eyeshadows fit perfectly in one of the blush slots!

Just as a heads up the palette is magnetic, not the items you put in it.

I was going to take each thing out but it was proving rather difficult! I'll start from the left.. 

The matte white eyeshadow is number 318, which i like to use under my brow bone and and in the inner corners of my eyes (I'm pale so I get away with it!). This eyeshadow is super soft and incredibly pigmented.

The two silver eyeshadows are number 447 and 444 (I don't know which is which sorry!). One is a true light silver and the other is a dark graphite colour. I know these are both a pearl finish. I find them super shimmery, pigmented, really soft and incredibly easy to blend!

The blush is number 37, which I don't think has a finish but its very, very sparkley and I tend to wear this on the tops of my cheekbones as a highlighting blush rather than just a regular blush as it's a bit too shimmery for that! It's also very soft and pigmented but I find you only need to tap the brush in it as its very soft and tends to have a lot of fallout is you're too heavy handed.

I love my Inglot palette and I tried to pick colours that I don't have at all. Thus being the silvery shades! I don't wear these all the time as they're a little bold for everyday but I do love when I use this palette! I find the blush very long lasting but I do need to use a primer under the shadows as they are very soft and tend to crease on me after an hour or so. 

If you've got anything from Inlgot that you think I should have in my palette please let me know in the comments below! And if anyone is wondering I have no successfully completed the Beauty Buying Ban! Read about it here. I trip to Boots is required to celebrate I think!



  1. This looks great clare! I really want to make an eyeshadow pallete by Inglot! Do you know how much it is?

    1. The individual eyeshadows are £4.50 and the blushes are £6.50, I think for this blush pallete it was around £8. For £4.50 each I think the eyeshadows are super good quality!


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